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Tribute Gifts

Make a gift in honor of someone special.

Tribute gifts are donations made to Junior Blind in honor or in memory of someone. After your donation is made, Junior Blind sends your recipient a letter with your personalized message, letting them know that the gift has been made in their honor.

Tributes make great gifts for holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and graduations for those who are passionate about Junior Blind's mission and helping our children. They also make meaningful remembrances in memory of someone. Your honoree will be touched by the thoughtfulness of your gift, and will be sure to remember it for years to come.

Touch the lives of your loved ones and the children of Junior Blind by making a tribute gift today.

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Tribute Gift Information

Give the gift that continues to give—a tribute gift. Simply make a donation to Junior Blind in honor or in memory of someone special and we will send them a personalized letter with notification of your tribute to them.
Enter the details of where to send the personalized letter:

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Step 4: Confirm Donation

*Please click the submit button only once. You will receive a confirmation message on the next screen and an email once the transaction has completed.