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Terrence Durrell

Four years ago, Terrence Durrell's world went dark when a senseless act of violence sent gunshots through his head. While Terrence survived this horrific crime, he faced the enormous task of readjusting to 16-year-old life without his vision.

"Things were different," Terrence recalls. "My parents were watching me nearly 100 percent of the time and helping me do everything. I knew they were acting out of love, but I wanted to be able to show them that I could take care of myself again."

Finally, in 2009, Terrence enrolled in a three-week independence training session hosted by Junior Blind's Student Transition & Enrichment Program. Thrilled with how much progress he was able to make, Terrence soon decided to commit to Junior Blind's Davidson Program for Independence (DPI), an intensive, months-long residential rehabilitation program for newly blind adults.

Living away from his parents for half a year, Terrence received daily training in Braille, assistive technology and orientation and mobility. But most importantly, he was able to re-learn how to do everyday tasks—such as cooking, cleaning and laundry—independently and safely.

Having returned home, Terrence smiles proudly as he describes the turn of events, "Now, my parents want my help with everything! But, I don't mind. It makes me feel good to know that I finally have the skills to do things on my own and to do things for my family."