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Youth and Adult Services

Youth and Adult Services - Southern California

Advanced Assistive Technology Training

Providing individualized instruction in specific software programs and all the latest technology for the visually impaired, Junior Blind's Advanced Assistive Technology Training enables adults who are blind to continue to perform current employment duties and increase their chances of securing future employment.


Adult Group Homes

Junior Blind's Adult Group Homes provide a family-living environment for adults, ages 18-59, who are blind, visually impaired or multi-disabled and may be medically fragile. Up to six residents share a single-family home in the community with round-the-clock supervision by our professional and caring staff.


Blind Veterans Training

Junior Blind’s Blind Veterans Training provides rehabilitation and training to help Veterans who are blind or visually impaired learn the skills they need to regain their independence and become an integral part in their homes, communities and places of work.


Davidson Program for Independence

Junior Blind’s Davidson Program for Independence is a comprehensive residential program designed to help adults who are blind or visually impaired. Through training in four core areas: Braille, Assistive Technology Skills, Orientation and Mobility and Independent Living Skills, such as cooking, cleaning and money management, graduates of the program attain the skills to find employment and enjoy productive and fulfilling lives in their homes, communities and places of work.


Employment Services

Unemployment is one of the most profound issues facing the blindness community, so Junior Blind launched a unique program that helps individuals who are blind or visually impaired become successfully employed.


REACH Mentoring Initiative

Realizing Education and Career Hopes (REACH) is Junior Blind's early outreach initiative for middle and high school students who are blind or low-vision and interested in pursuing careers and/or higher education.


STEP Community Workshops

Junior Blind’s statewide STEP Community Workshops are designed to help teens and young adults identify areas of career interest and successfully transition to independent living, college or the workforce. Through community-based workshops and summer programs, highly-experienced staff work with employers, professionals, mentors and educators to provide students with hands-on experience, preparation and support to achieve individualized goals.